Vegan Recipes

Vegan recipes only came from a cookbook at one time in my home. Now I am in the kitchen whipping up my own. I am happy to share them with you so you can try them in your own home too. My family prefers the comfort foods we use to eat so I converted them into vegan recipes. I will keep adding a variety of recipes consisting of comfort dishes and those that are unique.
Sometimes it is a hard transition to become vegan because of the over whelming dilemmas of ingredients to buy never heard of before or where to purchase to keep food costs down. I’ve been there and hopefully my past mistakes will not be yours.

The truth is, I still make some errors but everyone does. I always suggest people start with some comfort foods for an easier transition. I keep food costs down by preparing a lot of my meals from scratch but guess what? There are some you can purchase in stores to give you some time off in the kitchen.
I love being a vegan cook and find now I am way more creative because I rely a lot on spices. The trick to vegan recipes are to explore new spices. If you want the familiar tastes of seafood then keep that Old Bay seasoning on the shelf. Most spices are vegan. You may just find that your favorite fish recipe can be created with Okara and your favorite seafood seasoning.
vegan recipes
Potato Soup
TVP Meat
Black Bean Nachos
Frozen Breaded Cauliflower
Allspice Graham Cracker Rolls