grace and her husband

Vegan Ville: The Beginning of the Journey & Directions To Get There

Vegan Ville is an imaginary town but a very real journey as vegans. In truth, Grace resides with her husband in a two room cottage on the back door of the Ocala National Forest and not in Vegan Ville. Growing up as teens in the 60’s seemed to be the palette that painted Grace and her husband’s life style.

What Makes Them Tick?

Both enjoy sustainable living and are tree guardians.  Tolerance to other’s opinions has gifted them a variety of friends of different views.

Vegan Ville Residents

The journey to Vegan Ville began when Grace’s husband suffered a heart attack. They both attribute their success to the switch in diet to staying consistent and not accepting defeat when mistakes occur. “Being flexible and open minded are maps to discovery of new things to love” is a philosophy Grace chants when challenges arise. Both believe the importance of not admitting defeat but holds on to the belief that set backs are not failures but just another thing learned.

Vegan Ville: The Journey Expands

The journey may have began because of health concerns but has now expands to animal welfare. With more knowledge and awareness of inhumane animal treatment by dairy and meat companies the conviction to stay on the path of vegans strengthens.

Grace preaches tolerance towards those not living a vegan life style to fellow vegans. Bridges are built through understanding and kindness and proving vegan food is never boring.

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