Wild Yeast: Sustainable Living Baking Solutions

Wild Yeast by Mouni Abdelli seems to be a perfect solution for my sustainable living and baking needs . My main goal is to distance myself from the grocery store by applying my own skills and ‘know how’ to life here in the forest. With rising food costs it makes sense to increase our gardening and depend less on what I buy in the stores. More importantly, maybe my real reasons for making my own yeast and making bread is to have bread on hand with that real bread taste.

Wild Yeast

I found a book recently that is a great guide to creating my own yeast in my kitchen. Wild Yeast by Mouni Abdelli caught my attention so I requested a complementary copy to review on my site. Like my readers I am always searching for vegan and/or sustainable living ideas to include in my life.
This book is a guide book, cookbook and good read all rolled up in one volume.
Beautifully illustrated, this book shows photos of each step of the bread making process and the final results of the breads from the recipes in this book.
Wild Yeast cuts through all the doubts and hesitation I have for my success in this area. Clearly written steps and information boosts my confidence that I can be successful.

Mouni Abdelli, author of Wild Yeast
Mouni Abdelli is a french baker and shares her knowledge to help readers be successful in their own wild yeast journey. I love she shares the story of her first experiences with wild yeast and eventually abandoned the process. She reconsidered after seeing bread photos by a well known baker. Realizing her past approaches were wrong and focusing on the health benefits of the bread, she challenged herself to experience wild yeast again. Just from reading I can see that she, no doubt, had her fair share of failures but with determination turned them into successes. This book shares her knowledge, reasoning and exact steps so readers can know success. Written with the understanding that not everyone has a lot of money to invest in a skill they are just learning, she shares the minimal tools needed that can then be added to with other products as your experience grows.
Wild Yeast
This is such a complete book and gives knowledge about:

Bread Making Insight

Bread Making

  • Suggestions of flours and proper storage
  • Water suggestions and temperature
  • Salt properties and why it makes the dough easier to work with in bread making
  • Temperature and how it affects the starter and bread
  • Ingredients and color, giving a list of color agents to use from vegetables

Utensils – alternative suggestions for utensils to avoid expense when getting started. The basic requirement is spoons, spatulas, parchment paper and gloves. The author includes utensils she uses.

  • Electric Scale
  • Jars
  • Bowls
  • Dough Mixer
  • Airtight Jars or boxes
  • Bannetons (Proofing Baskets)
  • Baker’s Couche- linen cloth to use for baguettes and other types of breads
  • Baking Dishes- inside tip by the author to attain uniform baking
  • Baking Stone
  • Pastry cutter or dough scraper
  • Bread scorer or blades
  • Spray bottle or lava rocks

Getting Started With Making Your Own Yeast

Wild Yeast Starter, A User Guide. Learning how to make the starters and maintain them.

  • Flour and Water- How to be successful beginning your starter.
  • A Matter of Hydration- Information on liquid starter and hard starter and how hydration affects the texture of the dough
  • Preparing Your Liquid Wild Yeast Starter-Ingredients to use, Step by Step guide, how to check that your starter is ready. Also an illustration for Establishing your starter.
  • Wild Yeast Starter Guide
    Courtesy of Rocky Nook. Illustration credit: Mouni Abdelli from ‘Wild Yeast’
  • Fruit Yeast-
  • Daily Maintenance
  • Long Term Storage: Dried yeast starter tips on dehydration and rehydration

Dough: The Key Steps

  • Pre-Mixing and Autolysis Step by step directions on adding the starter; assimilating the salt.
  • Complete guide with photos on first rise and folds, shaping. second rise, scoring and customization to baking are in this section

    20 Recipes Include:

  • Fruit and Chocolate Muesli Bread
  • Cheese, Thyme, and Olive Bread
  • Multi-Seed Barley Bread
  • Ciabatta
  • Zucchini-Parmesan Bread
  • Semolina Bread (with fruit yeast)
  • Challah
  • Carrot-Paprika Bread
  • Pavé Loaf With A Hint of Rye
  • Turmeric and Black Cumin Bread
  • Provençal Loaf
  • Tahini and Kamut® Flour Bread
  • Wild Yeast Tortillas
  • 50/50 Bread
  • Old-Fahsioned Mustard Buns
  • Flaxseed Bread
  • Four-Grain Prune Bread
  • Whole-Grain Pita Bread
  • Seeded Milled Rye Bread
  • Chilled-Autolysis Baguettes

There’s More Than Just Bread!
In addition to the breads, 12 different recipes are also in this book.

  • Soft Caramelized Waffeles
  • Dried Apricot SeedCake
  • Ultra-Soft Pecan Brownies
  • Min Jam Brioches
  • Viennese pastry Dough (for Croissants, Chocolate Croissants, and Sweet Raisin Rolls)
  • Basic Muffin Recipe
  • Short-crust Pastry Base (for Pies and Quiches)
  • Fermented Pasta
  • Wild Yeast Doughnuts
  • Pizza Dough
  • Whole-Wheat English Muffins
  • Red Pesto and Parmesan Rolls

Trouble Shooting: Problems And Solutions

  • Problems and solutions to the problems: FAQ are listed in this section with the solutions.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing I know about sustainable living and cooking are to invest in yourself. This book is incredibly affordable and may be the only bread book you may ever need to purchase because of all the step by step bread making tips in it; not to mention all the wonderful recipes included. I am so glad I took the time to just read it first instead of jumping in and making the yeast. There is vital information the author gives in this book that may not be considered by the average cook. The section about the type of water to use was something I may not have thought to consider. Using filtered water rather than tap water could be the difference in having success with your wild yeast batch. Like most people I like to get it right the first time.
Prices for purchasing this book are:
Print and eBook Bundle: $34.99
Print Book: $24.95
eBook: $19.99
Eating and serving home made food makes life enjoyable. If you are interested in bread making and making your own yeast then I recommend buying this book. There are only a few tools you may need to start and possibly you all ready have them. When you get more confident then you can add to your list of bread making equipment.
Can’t wait until your book arrives? Let’s start this project together!

Wild Yeast from Rooky Nook
Photo courtesy of Rocky Nook. Photo credit Mouni Abdelli from ‘Wild Yeast’

Wild Yeast Fruit Yeast
Courtesy of Rocky Nook. ‘Wild Yeast’by Mouni Abdelli

Maintaining fruit starter
Courtesy of Rocky Nook. ‘Wild Yeast’by Mouni Abdelli

*I do need mention that though the yeast recipes are vegan, the recipes in this book use dairy and eggs.

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6 thoughts on “Wild Yeast: Sustainable Living Baking Solutions

  1. I’m so fascinated by this! Never thought to make my own yeast, what a handy skill that will be to have! Love making bread, this is a book I think I may pick up for hubby is “wild” about his pizza dough that he makes from scratch. How could would that be if he totally made it even more personalized by making yeast, too!

  2. OH my gosh! Ok So I have to tell you that this past year my daughter ( she loves bread) I made her a theme birthday box ok? This box had wrapped gifts that she opened one at a time, first one, salt, second sugar, third flour, and so on. It was themed ” BREAD” the box had everything she needed to make bread. Yeast, in our area at least was a hard to find thing, and so my Mom in NY had to send that down just for this box! She loves bread and we have been making it together for a bit, but I got her a kit to do it herself, her own cookbook and all but this just sparked a NEW project! It’s still hard to find yeast in our area and now we can make our own! I’m going to save this, we must do it! Thank you!

  3. This is so unique and interesting! I can’t wait to see how you progress and all the amazing things you will bake!

  4. This is so cool! I love being able to do more at home without having to rely quite as much on the grocery store. I learned something new here — thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Making my own yeast sounds more than a little intimidating! Glad you found the book helpful in your quest for less reliance on grocery stores.

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